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Simply Beautiful
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Simply Beautiful is a lifestyle store focused on curating collections sourced from small design companies and artisans that make beautiful products with a mindful philosophy. Every product has a rich story.
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We ensure each product is sourced mindfully with a story equal to the value of the product being offered

Truly handmade

Exclusive and unique products that are carefully chosen for all our clients

Beautifully packed

Enjoy colorful and nice packagings that are perfect for gifts and occasions


All of our products are made and designed with quality materials that reflect the uniqueness of each item

We believe the people, skills and heritage behind each product are just as beautiful as the product itself. These stories deserve to be told, and we work to be as transparent as possible in the telling.

--Deborah Ross, Chief Curator


2739 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON
M6P 1Y1

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