16 “Live Edge Walnut Bowl and Walnut Thongs Set

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A gorgeous unique and one-of-a-kind black walnut live edge bowl with a set of salad servers made from black walnut that match this bowl perfectly.
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This gorgeous black walnut live edge bowl is handmade by maker Windekind Buteau-Duitschaever out of his wood shop located in Fergus, Ontario.This bowl features the beautiful grain of Canadian black walnut. The contrasting colours of the sap wood and heart wood are amazing in these pieces. This bowl would fit right in either a modern home décor or country look.

This bowl is made from one solid piece of wood that is dried and hand turned on a lathe. The process for making this bowl takes many month but ensures that the bowl can be passed on to future generations.

At approximately 15.5" X 12" X 5" this is a medium to large size bowl. It is finished with a 100% food safe polymerized linseed specifically designed for use on wood bowls. The bowl can easily and safely be used for both salads and dry food items, but would serve equally well as a decorative piece on a hall table or other area.

This set comes with salad servers made from black walnut that match this bowl perfectly. Their sleek design makes them easy to hold and their bevelled edge allows you to easily grab small and large food items (the good bits at the bottom of your salad!). They store flat and take very little room in a drawer when not in use. These servers work equally well as spatulas for cooking.

Measuring approximately 11" long and finished with a food safe natural oil, they will provide years of enjoyment and use. The perfect addition to any salad bowl.