Cocktail Syrups

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Small batch syrups all handcrafted from Montreal cocktailers at 3/4 oz. The best ingredients for the perfect cocktail.
These handcrafted syrups are made in small batches in Montreal and each bottle makes up to 25 drinks.
This tonic is all made from natural ingredients, it stands out from other commercial tonic water with its subtle aromas, less sweet taste, its pronounced touch of bitterness, and its amber colour.

Quinine is extracted from cinchona bark and is the active ingredient of tonic water that gives it its distinctive bitter taste. The cinchona bark's natural pigmentation is what gives the tonic syrup its distinctive amber colour.

Honey Syrup

Honey Sour is a natural syrup concentrate made with wild honey, lemon, lime, and turmeric.

It is meant to be mixed with neutral sparkling water, or regular water.

Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale is an all natural syrup concentrate that is meant to be mixed with sparkling water

Spritz Syrup

Spritz syrup from 3/4 oz. is a non-alcoholic alternative to Italian-style bitter aperitifs. With its taste of bitter orange and its acidic finish, it pairs splendidly with a sparkling wine in a spritz cocktail, or even simply with sparkling water. It can also be used to prepare a Negroni or a Manhattan with a lower alcohol content.


Made with citrus and spiced organic essential oils, which gives it a herbal flavour and delicate acidity. Cola Maison is a syrup concentrate that is meant to be mixed with sparkling water.

Each bottle is 503 ml. - 17 oz. making up to 25 drinks