Dog Charm 18" Sterling Silver Chain

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The perfect gift that animal lover in your life. This beautiful hand made of solid Sterling Dog sits on an 18" silver chain with a circle clip to enable additions to the necklace.
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A dog is a symbol of fidelity, bravery, faithfulness, cooperation, communication, intelligence, adventure, friendship, patience, consistency, curiosity, protection, and devotion. As a totem animal, a dog teaches you to love someone unconditionally without any expectations.

This charm has been hard carved and is solid sterling silver charm which sits on a 18" sterling silver chain with a circle of life clasp that can be used to add additional charms to the necklace.


AnimalStone was founded on the principle that a symbiotic relationship is needed between us and nature, humans and animals in order to conserve our shared place here. We believe in the joy that animals bring to our lives and are an essential component to our ecological systems. Together, we must celebrate and respect their majesty.