Swoup The Sparrow Charm on 36" Chain

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This beautiful sterling silver charm of Swoup the Sparrow sits beautifully on a 36" silver sterling chain. Sparrows in nature are small but wonderfully vigilant and hard working birds.
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Swoup the Sparrow is hand carved in sterling silver and sits beautifully on a 36" sterling silver chain and attaches with a circle of life silver clasp.

The symbolic meaning of the sparrow is Vigilant, Adaptable, Powerful

Swoup the Sparrow is a symbol of joy, simplicity, creativity

Values dignity, self-respect and self-worth

Dilight and hard working and always busy creating.

This necklace comes with the jewelers card the connect the charm to the symbolic meaning of this beautiful bird.

About The Jeweler:

A business born of a shared love and respect for Animals, our wildlife and a deep commitment to our planet.

AnimalStone was founded on the principle that a symbiotic relationship is needed between us and nature, humans and animals in order to conserve our shared place here. We believe in the joy that animals bring to our lives and are an essential component to our ecological systems. Together, we must celebrate and respect their majesty.