Baby Gift Set

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This natural baby gift set is the perfect gift set for any new Mom
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This natural baby gift set comes with a Diaper Salve, Baby Powder, Calendula Castille Soap and a Hydrating Oat Bath! 

Diaper Salve:

Use this natural product anytime that you would be tempted to use Petroleum Jelly (yuck)! Leaves a nice greasy layer on the skin to moisturize and protect. Calendula helps reduce pain and inflammation, and aids in healing mild skin conditions. This salve can be used all over the body! Cradle cap, eczema, scrapes and scratches.

All Natural Baby Powder:

An all natural, beautifully smelling, talc free alternative to conventional baby powder! The Arrowroot Powder will make your baby's bum soft and silky while absorbing any excess moisture. This helps prevent the dreaded diaper rash! Kaolin Clay is also extremely porous, absorbing not only excess moisture, but also toxins, heavy metals and chemicals! A must have in your diaper bag!

Baby Soak:

This ultra hydrating bath soak is great for babies with problem skin (eczema), or simply suffering from an acute skin condition such as diaper rash, chickenpox, HFMD.. any rash really! The oats help sooth, moisturize, and relieve itch, while the sodium bicarbonate restores the skins PH.. again, relieving that pesky itch! Calendula is known for helping reduce inflammation, pain, and aids in healing. Lavender Essential Oil can prevent bacterial infection, and aids in scar-free healing.

Calendula Castille Soap

Olive oil soaps are the mildest soap on the market, making it the perfect soap for babies, or anyone with super sensitive skin! The oil is infused with calendula which will help ease pain and inflammation. Perfect for minor skin irritations such as eczema, cradle cap, or diaper rashes. This soap is unscented.
The lather in this soap is unlike all the other soaps. It is extremely fine and will feel like cream on the skin!

* Gift set will come in large Muslin Cotton bag, with gift tag.