Birch Stacking Rings

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Mini birch stacking rings make the perfect statement on their own or matched with another ring for a unique one-of-a-kind look.
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Part of the collection of Birch bestowed to Simply Beautiful by Kingston-based jeweller Whitney Haynes. These lovely Birch Mini rings are simple and subtle, making them easy to wear alone, on a pinky finger or stacked with another band. 

Naturally fallen Birch bark is collected from the forest floor and hand placed into 5mm sterling silver based bezels. The bark is then preserved in jewellery grade resin. Each ring comes with a beautiful card featuring our Birch story.

  • Hand-collected fallen birch
  • Available in white birch size 5 only and dark birch with gold filled size 7 only

Each ring is one of a kind

Story of the Birch

With its peeling bark and slender silhouette, the Birch is a ghost among the forest. It can easily be criticized as delicate or weak to the untrained eye but in fact, the mighty Birch proves to us that perceived outer weakness is not an indication of inner strength. We are capable of so much more than we know.
Let the Birch be a symbol of growth and new beginnings as you take a piece with you.