Black Walnut Sushi Board w chopstick holder

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Handmade Black Walnut Sushi Boards perfect for an evening of entertaining.
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These are solid walnut with a maple or oak footing. Measuring about 5" x 12", the plates are just the right size for an evening of sushi and sake. Each plate comes with a holder for your chopsticks, keeping everything nicely set up for an evening for two, or add in a few more and get the family to join in.

The boards will vary in grain of wood and appearance given the special nature of the wood. No two are ever the same. They are treated only with 100% natural hemp oil, making them not only food safe, but vegan friendly too!

All handmade by Donna and Glen at Sticks and Boards in their studio in Morewood, Ontario. They also work closely with local sawyers, and can generally tell you a story of where the wood comes from, which is important for their sustainability approach to woodworking.