BELIEVE Tag Silver Necklace

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This beautiful sterling silver necklace is hand stamped with the words BELIEVE. This silver tag is beautifully strung on a 24" chain making it the perfect gift for anyone needing a few words of encouragement or the power to dive deep for inner strength.
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BELIEVE Sterling Silver Necklace


 "Believe" was a word key to the "Lasso Way". It was meant to be a simple expression that AFC Richmond could use to pull themselves up from their middling position in the Premier League — and possibly even apply to their off-pitch lives.


Fine Silver Pendant

24" Sterling chain.


Handcrafted Jewelry created to help guide and inspire a deeper connection of the mind, body and Spirit. 

Unique, meaningful and powerful  adornments for your journey.

Kelsie designs each unique piece on the beautiful West Coast of Canada.