Bridlewood Soaps

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These beautiful handmade soaps are made from 100%  natural ingredients .

These beautiful hand made soaps come from our makers at Bridlewood Soaps located in Orangeville, Ontario. The soaps are made from 100%  natural ingredients. No fragrances, dyes, or preservatives.

These natural, handmade soaps are made with plant oils, have high glycerin content, are better for the environment (with no detergents, phosphates or sulphates), and are never tested on animals.

Most commercially made soaps contain detergents, fillers, chemicals, petroleums, and high animal fat content that do nothing but harm to your skin. Your skin is the largest organ you have. Treat it well!

These soaps are made using the cold-process method, with vegetable oils and butters. They are carefully formulated using different combinations and percentages of oils and other ingredients to ensure that you will find the perfect soap for your skin.

The soaps are also made with a high 'super fat' content, meaning that there are leftover oils in the bar after the soap is made. Because of this, and the naturally high glycerine content of the soaps, they will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, never dry and tight like other soaps out there.


Has a fresh, woodsy citrus smell that creates a great lather! Carrot juice is high in vitamin A which is said to stimulate blood flow to the skin, encourage healthy skin cell production and reduce the look of wrinkles.


The salt melts under the water. The French pink clay helps draw out any excess oil from the skin, but is very mild so it will not dry it out!. These bars do not lather as well as some of our other soaps because of the salt, but they sure smell great!


This calming soap smells and feels fantastic on the skin! It is made with a high percentage of luxurious butters and goats' milk, giving it a a lovely lotion-like lather.

This soap contains French green clay which helps absorb some of your body's excess oils without causing dryness, and whole lavender buds which act as great little exfoliators!


This soap smells heavenly! The sweet scent of geranium mixed with earthy patchouli, lavender and cedarwood will leave you feeling calm and mellow! The pink clay and colloidial oats will also help nourish, and moisturize your skin as well. A beautiful soap all around!


Turmeric is known for its amazing health benefits when ingested, but it is also thought to be just as powerful when applied topically.

Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory properties which helps sooth your skin, even out skin tone, and also helps retain your skin's elasticity.


It is made with a high percentage of Avocado Oil making it wonderful for your skin! It is also made with goats' milk which makes it incredibly moisturizing, nourishing, and makes the lather feel soft and slippery.

Activated charcoal is thought to be one of the world's most absorbent substances. It will draw out any excess oils, or toxins (pollutants) from your skin.

This soap makes for a great facial cleanser, or to use all over in the shower.


This soap is  made using Goats Milk which will make the lather a little creamier than some of our other soaps made with just water!  Goats milk is loaded with tons of great vitamins and minerals, and is also very moisturizing due to the extra fat it adds to the bars.