Chill Gemstone Bracelet

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Gemstone aromatherapy bracelet with WHITE HOWLITE and black lava beads. This bracelet was designed to instill a sense of calm as white howlite is said to teach patience & help eliminate anger.
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WHITE HOWLITE is a calming stone that is said to teach patience & help eliminate anger. It can also assist in allowing your body to rest & settle a busy mind.

“I am relaxed.”

Each bracelet comes with its description card and an essential oil.

The bracelet is size medium to fit 7" around which is a standard fit. To size up or down please reach out directly through email for a custom order. 

How do I add scent?

Simply add a TINY drop of oil to the lava stones. You don't need a full drop as you want to avoid getting essential oil on the stretch cord. 

Your bracelet should hold the scent for 1-3 days before needing to be refreshed again.

Can I Change The Scent?

Absolutely! Oils dissipate quickly and because of this you can usually add different scents as often as you'd like without getting a funky overlap of scent. The dominate essential oil will always take over. However, if you did use a thick or extra strong smelling essential oil, you might need to wash your lava stones. Use a TINY bit of dish soap and warm water and massage your lava beads. Let your bracelet dry before using your new scent.

Other Ways To Care For Your Bracelet

It is said that gemstones carry energy and are a high-vibrational piece of earth. Because of this, gemstones can absorb the energy around it.

It is recommended that you "cleanse" your stones every so often. You can do this by leaving it outside for a full day/night cycle or even in a window sill. It is also said that burying it in the ground for a day or cleaning it in a river can recharge your stones.