CorkPop - Legacy Copper

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This innovative new gadget makes opening a bottle of your favourite wine, quick, convenient, painless and, perhaps the most important thing of all, fun.
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This isn’t just an ordinary wine opener! The Cork Pops legacy brings even more fun to opening your favourite bottle of wine. Just as genius as the original Cork Pops Wine Opener but upgraded to be easier to use than ever before. Easily remove the foil with the built in foil cutter. Simply insert the needle straight through the cork, press once and the cork safely pops out! The patented cork ejector and redesigned,   while the sleek copper outer means it's a stylish asset to any kitchen or home bar.

Toss out your old wrist wrangler and update your tool drawer with this wonderfully handy little cork extractor.

Copper is a limited edition for this holiday season.