Eco Tan Double Sided Tan Applicator Mitt

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So there’s two sides to this story. The smooth side is for our tanning waters, the textured for our creams and mousse! Helping you achieve that professional result we all want, it’s the perfect partner to all of our organic tans.
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This is luxurious double-sided tan applicator mitt is the perfect partner for tans. Assists in ensuring a perfect application every time. Helps blend and apply any type of Eco Tan organic tanning products.

Product Features:

  • One side for Eco Tan's brilliant certified organic tanning waters
  • One side for the certified organic creams and mousse (Winter Skin, Invisible Tan & Cacao Tanning Mousse)
  • One size fits all
  • Professional tanning results every time
  • Reusable, simply wash me
  • The only mitt you'll ever have to use again!