Facial Steamer

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Fleurs et Quartz Face Steam Floral and Clear Quartz Face Steam infuses the vibration and healing properties of the Quartz and florals into the steam entering your pores and lungs, creating healing from the inside, out.
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Put two scoops of florals and Quartz in about 3 cups of hot water. Let steep 5-10 minutes.
Place a towel over your head, and place your head over the bowl as close as is comfortable for you ( caution steam can burn! )

Staying over bowl for 10-15 minutes or until steam has cooled.

Use once a week as part of your self-care practice, or before you do a face mask.
(Pro tips- splash the cooled water on your face as a toner after / save the water and florals and add it to your bath!)

Clear Quartz Point Organic Rose Petals Organic Lavender Organic hibiscus Organic Chamomile Calendula/Marigold