Otter Creek - Feasting Board Black Walnut 36" x 9"

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Black walnut is renowned for its strong, dark heartwood which makes it the perfect feasting Board
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This beautiful black walnut charcuterie board has been professionally handcrafted to showcase the natural beauty that exists within the very fibers of the wood.  Take note of the warm walnut tones as well as the unique compression figure within this piece of Black Walnut.

Ottercreek Woodworks lumber is sourced locally, within 50km of the shop and harvested through sustainable practice. It is then expertly kiln dried to ensure your new board is ready to live in your home.

Every Ottercreek Woodworks board is a masterpiece in its own right and is of heirloom quality. If you treat it well it will last a lifetime and longer. May you treasure this board as you share memories, food and laughter with family and friends!

This board comes with a genuine leather loop for hanging, care instructions as well as a tag indicating the species of wood.

Care for your board with our Beeswax Wood Balm sourced from local apiaries.