Fits Puzzle - Cheers

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1,000-piece puzzle designed to celebrate cocktail enthusiasts.
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Grab a drink, it's time to puzzle. High contrast, bright colours and texture will help guide your puzzle pieces into place.  

Pieces: 1,000 Pieces

Difficulty: Hard

Artist: Quinn Poer

Finished Size: 68 cm x 48 cm

Puzzles are a great way to calm your hectic brain. Just like meditation, puzzling stimulates the release of dopamine, a mood-enhancing neurotransmitter.

No more guessing whether a piece fits or not. Fits has a one-of-a-kind punching tool to make sure every puzzle piece fits perfectly into the adjacent piece.

These beautiful puzzles make great art after you're done. Simply smear a smooth coat of glue on your finished puzzle and allow it to dry for 24 hours. Find a frame you love, and hang.

Fits is a Vancouver-based small business whose mission is to work with female artists from around the world and bring them to you through puzzling. Each puzzle has a linen finish that enhances the finish to become a piece of art.