Fits Puzzles

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Small-batch, linen finished puzzles that feature art from up-and-coming female artists

All Fits Puzzles are linen finished which makes them perfect for framing and hanging on your wall after. The finish also reduces overhead-table-light-glare and gives each piece a luxe feel.

Tiger Queen

Meet her majesty, the Tiger Queen. Who wouldn't want this lady's life as she lays around, drinks wine and eats fruit...with her pet tiger.

Pieces: 1000 Pieces

Artist: Lay Hoon Ho

Difficulty: Medium

Finished Size: 68 cm x 48 cm


Grab a drink, it's time to puzzle. High contrast, bright colours and texture will help guide your puzzle pieces into place.  

Pieces: 1000 Pieces

Difficulty: Hard

Artist: Quinn Poer

Finished Size: 68 cm x 48 cm

Trippy Dippy

Welcome to Trippy Town. Featuring strange shaped butterflies, soaring stars and all-seeing eyes. This psychedelic puzzle is for those who love bright, poppy colour. 

Pieces: 1000 Pieces

Difficulty: Easy - Medium

Artist: Olivia Di Liberto

Finished Size: 68 cm x 48 cm