Gurgle Pots - High Gloss

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Add whimsy to your table with these fabulous water jugs in the shape of a fish. Every pour will bring a smile to the table each and every time someone fills up.

Add a touch of whimsy to the table with a Gurgle Pot! These are designed with a beautiful high gloss finish rich in colour and sure to fit into any decor. Designed with simple, graceful lines and crafted of durable stoneware. These cute pots produce a gurgling sound when liquid is poured or can be used as a unique vase to hold cut flowers. Great as a house warming gift or gift for those who love to entertain. 


The Gurgle Pot Story

Years ago, Matt Ellison attended his brother’s wedding in a small village in the South of France. There were no motels in the village so all of the guests were matched with French hosts. Matt’s hosts spoke no English and Matt spoke no French which made the dinner conversation a challenge. Long stretches of awkward silence were compounded by the fact that French dinners can last for 3 or 4 hours. There was, however, one saving grace; a fish-shaped water pitcher that “gurgled”.

Matt found himself drinking more water than wine so he could fill the silent room with “gurgling” and unite the table with smiles.

Inspired by the lighthearted affect of the “gurgling” sound, Matt returned home and began sculpting his own version. Ten years, two kids, 15 molds, and one typhoon of the coast of China later, he could finally share the Gurgle Pot with everyone.

Pour! Listen! Enjoy!

Crafted of durable stoneware.  Gurgle Pots are perfectly suited for fresh cut flowers.

Large - 24cm x 18cm x 11cm