Hemp & Melissa Soap

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Hand made artisan soap scented with pure essential oil of melissa (lemon balm) and an organic coconut oil and olive oil herbal infusion from lemon balm of our Roots + Raven medicine garden.
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This soap is inspired by the peace and refreshment this herb gives to the mind and body. Melissa (lemon balm) aroma evokes a sense up hope. Detoxifying French green clay is added to deeply detox and nourish. This soap is sure to nourish and uplift mood.

Note: not recommended for use in children under 2 or on diseased, damaged or hypersensitive skin as Melissa essential oil is known to cause sensitivity in some individuals.

About our Maker:

Tonya had the pleasure of learning about her Indigenous culture (Six Nations of the Grand River- First Nations) from her grandmother and other members of our community. Using elements of nature and interconnection- she   found great knowledge and peace amongst the plant kin. As an adult she still uses this knowledge in my own life.

Today, her studio is in Alliston, Ontario where she grows and harvests many of her own organic herbs and medicines. She participates in local organic farms and community gardens to try and provide others with access to fresh medicinal herbs and the knowledge and means to grow them.