KVAS Rhubarb Junniper Simple Syrup

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Rhubarb Juniper Simple Syrup perfectly crafted in small batches in Niagara, Canada
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Niagara, Ontario Rhubarb and foraged Canadian juniper gives this syrup its bright and floral tang. Though it mixes naturally with gin, this syrup is just as good with vodka, whisky, or even just a little soda water and lemon!

Whether you're kicking up your gin and tonic or spicing up your sangria, this syrup is easy to use, local and just plain delicious!

Ruby Slipper Fizz

- 1 oz Kvas Rhubarb Juniper Simple Syrup

- 3/4 oz Gin

- 8 oz Cider

To make this dazzling fizz, start by adding a handful of ice to a tall glass. Add gin and cider and stir until chilled. Top with 1 ounce of Kvas Rhubarb Juniper Simple Syrup and garnish with fresh fruit and herbs!


KVAS product syrups are crafted out of local produce found in Niagara that help make exceptional cocktails at home (not to mention sauces, glazes, baked goods and more!) With Kvas syrups, the options are endless!