Lulu Boho Coin Purse

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Perfect one of a kind coin purse that hooks to the side of your bag and is perfect for a small hand sanitizer and a mask. Never leave home without the essentials.

You'll never be without this popular Lulu coin purse. The  handiest little coin, key and bits and pieces carrier. A real head turner at the counter, this lovely little leather and Hmong vintage fabric one-of-a-kind coin purse will be your new best friend. 

It lasts as it is a hand stitched, quality made, very sturdy item. With it's quality zipper and key ring clip, it is built to withstand the usual rigours of surviving life in our handbags!

Take it out to a friendly jingle from the cute little decorations. Your friends will all ask you where you got it. This is the real thing. An original. Made with Hmong unique handcrafted fabric that is getting rarer, there is not another on the planet exactly like it. 

Approximately 13 x 10cm