MaiLin - Power of The Sea Pearl Reminder Bracelet

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The Power of The Sea Silk Reminder Bracelet with Pearls
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The Power of the Sea // Pearls - Frendship Bracelet on Pink Silk

The perfect reminder that easily slips in the mail for a big warm hug for that person in your life who can be reminded anytime they see the bracelet on their wrist that they are loved.

Mai Lin Jewellery makes dainty silk bracelets with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. The reminder bracelet – Mai Lin Jewellery’s signature bracelet – was modelled after the ‘string around your finger’, something that you tie on to remind you of something important. The reminder bracelet ties on the wrist with a double knot and stays fastened for every adventure that life has to offer. Made with 100% silk, the reminder bracelet is strong, durable, comfortable, and easy to wear. Each piece is inspired, designed, and handmade in Toronto, Ontario, Canada