Meditation Rings

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One of a kind meditation rings handcrafted by our Canadian jeweller, Miriam de Langley.

The original design of the meditation rings were developed as a meditation tool developed to help keep your focus during meditation.

A spinner ring is a combination of rings that has a band ring with another ring around it that moves freely.
Spinning rings are designed in a way that outer smaller rings spin on the inner ring that encircles the finger.

These rings have also been used For stress relief.

Ring lovers all over the world wearing (and spinning) their spinner rings have reduced their tension levels. Several studies revealed that "playing" with a spinning-ring band in repetitive motion helps to calm the mind. For that reason, sometimes spinner rings (spinning rings) are referred to as worry rings, turn rings, swivel rings, turning rings, prayer rings or motion rings.

These beautiful rings are a one-of-a-kind design by Miriam de Langley, located in the beautiful mountains of Whistler, B.C.  Miriam does fine jewellery design and has created these rings just for Simply Beautiful.

Sterling silver band with sterling silver, rose gold & 14kt yellow gold spinners.