Men's Aromatherapy Bracelets

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Men need some lovin' too! The same aromatherapy jewelry you love, designed with larger stones for a masculine feel.
All aromatherapy jewelry INCLUDES a bottle of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil, a description card & a gift box!

These bracelets are made of 10mm natural gemstone and 10mm lava stone. These are mens large bracelets that are size wise between 8 to 8.5".


TIGERS EYE is said to be a stone of determination, making it ideal when needing to make changes to level up in life.

“I Can, and I Will.”


BLACK ONYX builds strength & self-confidence, encourages wise decision-making & rids the body of negative energy.

“I am Unshakable.”


OBSIDIAN absorbs negative energy & draws off stress, making it the perfect shield against bad vibes or worry.

“I am Protected.”


SMOKY QUARTZ is an excellent stone for elevating moods while decreasing feelings of anxiety. A stone of serenity, smoky quartz is the perfect companion when needing to take a step back & breathe.

“Just Breathe.”


RED TIGERS EYE is a stone of encouragement, reminding us that we can do hard things. We
are strong and courageous in our pursuit.“I’ve got this.”

Red Tigers Eye 10mm