Mens Leather Wrap Bracelet

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Mens Leather Wrap Bracelets, great for any guy who wants to wear his passion on his sleeve .

These leather wraps are made for the men in our lives whose passions run deep. Each leather wrap is adjustable to wrist size.

Anchor Bracelet:

The Anchor Passion bracelet is perfect for any salty dog or seasonal mariner who yearns for the high seas - whether you’re feeling nautical or counting knots, you’ll wear this passion on every voyage.

Axe Bracelet:

The Axe Passion bracelet is for the nature-loving woodsman hunting for dinner. Or it’s a subtle representation of the immortal creature after whom you’ve modelled your greatest cosplay outfit yet!

Fish Hook:

The Fish Hook Passion bracelet might be kept in the fisherman’s tackle box and worn for good luck. It’s also a poignant symbol you could strap on to get fired up before you close the career-making deal of your professional life.

Adjusts to fit all wrist sizes. Stainless steel, USA leather.