Mosquito Coil - Moutains Design

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This hand pottered mosquito coil bowl is the best gift that you'll be giving this summe.
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These beautiful hand pottered mosquito coil holders make the best cottage gift of the season. The shape of the pot not only acts as a chimney to swirl the smoke upwards and out, it also catches the ash of the coil as it burns. The clay coil stick allows for complete burn of your coil without messing around with it.

Designed a little bottom heavy on purpose in case the wind should pick up in a hurry. Store indoors during severe or cold weather.

Oval Shaped opening 5" x 5.5” & 5“ tall. Rinse all ash out with water outdoors, then can be safely placed in the dishwasher.

Aries Pottery is the creation of Melody our Canadian potter who resides in the woods just west of Caroline Alberta, Canada. Each piece from Aries Pottery comes with an artist card for gifting.

*coil included. As each piece is handmade there may be slight variations on the picture above.