Nina Tea Set - Light Gray

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Learning to brew better and better cups of tea is wonderful way to spend time. Drinking alone is nice but sharing your new skills is even better. The Nina tea set is the perfect way for you to show your friends how good a brew you can conjure up.
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Tea and socialising go hand-in-hand for you. Your idyllic companion is not a single mug or a infuser made for one, it’s a complete set made to be shared. Beautifully organic and easy to use is this Nina tea set. Admire its beauty as you chat and laugh away.

Coloured Porcelain, Stainless Steel, Silicone

Height Teapot: 20 cm, 7.9 inch; Milk: 11 cm, 4.3 inch; Sugar: 10.8 cm, 4.25 inch

Width Teapot: 11.5 cm, 4.53 inch; Milk: 7 cm, 2.8 inch; Sugar: 7 cm, 2.8 inch

Volume Teapot: 1l, 34oz; Milk: 200ml, 7oz; Sugar: 130ml, 4.5oz