Quiet Blend Essential Oil

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Quiet Essential Oil Blend was designed to be diffused when you need to fill your cup back up and want to be surrounded by soft energy.
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There’s also a zen-like element to Quiet—it wraps you up like a plush white robe and is incredibly soothing and tranquil. As for the ingredients, paired with Ylang Ylang, which is a beautiful thick essential oil, with Geranium: a lovely balancing essential oil. Clary Sage and Amyris provide that spa-like vibe, rounding out the blend to make it warm, but also fresh.

While these essential oil blends were designed primarily to be used in diffusers, that doesn’t mean they can’t find other creative ways into your routine.

We’ve discovered that Quiet is a magical addition to the bath. The blend of Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Amyris, and Clary Sage wraps you up like a soft, warm blanket. It’s super soothing, and is a nice option for when you want to bask in your goddess glory. We recommend adding 5 to 10 drops, putting on some SZA, pouring a glass of red, and dimming the lights real low.