RIVSALT Liquorice

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LIQUORICE - stainless steel grater. stand in natural wood. 100% raw liquorice chunk. stylish gift pack.
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LIQUORICE gives your delicious desserts that final touch. The chunk of premium raw liquorice is on its own an eye-catcher on the dining room table. Together with the stainless-steel grater and the stand in untreated oak, it’s an invitation to a new experience.

Just about any dessert gets a tasty kick from grated raw liquorice, be it ice cream or a slice of chocolate cake. Why not spice up your baking, your Saturday night chili or a cup of hot cocoa or tea with some grated liquorice? The liquorice is made without any additives, completely VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE.


Grater (HxWxD): 7.6x5.5x0.15 cm / 3x2.16x0.06 in.