Saffron & Tobacco Hand Pottered Candles

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These beautiful nature-inspired Cedar Wood Wick candles are handpoured using eco soy coconut wax which leads to a clean and longer lasting candle. Once you've finished burning the candle these beautiful vessels turn into a beautiful cup.

Each candle is poured into a one of a kind hand pottered ceramic vessel created by Paige Coull of Blackbird Studios. Each ceramic vessel is finished with a white glaze with varying coloured bottoms.  The vessel can be reused after the candle has finished burning. Each candle measures 5" in height.

These beautiful candles are non toxic, GMO Free, Sustainable, Renewable, Biodegradeable. VEGAN Friendly.

About: You can find Blackbird studios nestled on beautiful Gabriola Island; one of the many breathtaking islands in British Columbia. Artist extraordinaire and owner Paige Coull creates her one-of-a-kind pottery, made to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand with expert workmanship and thought. Each piece is unique, and offers a distinct Canadiana look to the design.

Scent: Honey Bourbon

The sweet scent of honey combined with the strong notes of vanilla, oak and caramel from the bourbon creates a warm, pleasant and relaxing candle.