Shave Kit - Gift Pack

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A better shaving experience all contained in this beautiful gift set from Groom based out of Montreal. Formulas are eco-friendly and made with natural ingredients.
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This set features the essentials or Grooms shaving line, as well as an ultra absorbent towel.
A better shaving experience is here.
Contains 5 items:
These are generous sizes that will allow a many months of regular use.
About Groom: Mission 

In an industry where trends are replaced faster than they are made, our commitment is to meet a growing demand for products of superior quality and ethical origin. Since 2013, we have been dedicated to developing our signature formulas using carefully selected, eco-friendly, natural ingredients.Our inspiration stems from the rich tradition of men’s grooming, nourished by scientific innovation in body care. We take pride in manufacturing our own products in-house at our Montreal workshop, with thorough attention to details. This is why we are confident in guaranteeing the exceptional efficacy of all our products. At GROOM, we believe authenticity and simplicity are the best expressions of elegance.