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Give the Gift of One of a Kind . This one of a kind Hand Knit Sweater from Granted Sweater Co. located in Vancouver, B.C. is knit locally.

One knitter, two knitting needles, and a skein of yarn – these are the beginnings of every Granted sweater, each taking between 15 and 20 hours to make. Handmade sweaters have a touch of magic in them – they're rooted in tradition, and no two are ever truly identical.

This unique design will appeal to the skiers out there.  Heavy gauge 2 way zipper.

Granted  products are made with the highest quality 100% Canadian wool, which is:

   * a sustainably produced fibre
   * breathable
   * durable
   * temperature regulating, so it keeps you warm when you're cold, but not too warm
   * insulating even when it’s wet

To ensure a long life for your garment, dry clean it and  gently remove pills that are formed when individual wool fibres rub up against each other and felt into small balls on the surface of the fabric. It's a natural and inevitable occurrence, and not the sign of a defect.