Wake Up Sweathshirt

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Cotton Crew from our Toronto Artists at Mask Toronto, This beautiful graphic is inspired by the human condition that we all need to wake up and find that inner self.
Inspiration: Written by Mask Toronto
‘Wake Up’ is the natural progression from one of the first shirts ever made, ‘Awake Your Inner Self’. With this message we encouraged people to look within and discover who they are and what makes them them. 
Now Mask is encouraging everyone to ‘Wake Up’ from this dream state, a spell cast by our egos. We want everyone to become aware of their individual selves while also becoming aware of the connection between everyone and everything on our planet Earth. This connection will bring us all closer together and one step closer to love. 
We are all connected, we are all one. 
Simply Beautiful Model is wearing a size M.

100% cotton. Oversized fit. Cut, sewn and silk screened all in Toronto.