Natural Perfume - Whistler

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Natural perfumes can shift & uplift with their botanical magic. This perfume is location inspired by the bold, crisp, fresh mountain air and the wild forests of the mountains surrounding Whistler village.

Beautiful, pure plant based, artisan crafted perfumes. Small batch traditionally blended, aged and bottled at the perfume shop on Vancouver Island.

Be teleported to the Coast mountains when you smell Whistler eau de parfum! Wild Coast's boldest fragrance and a best seller in the line up of natural perfumes from Wild Coast!

Floral Notes  |  Tuberose, Geranium, Bergamot 

Earth & Wood Notes  |   Vetiver, Juniper Berry

Wild Element  |  Juicy and citrusy Douglas Fir spring tips 

100% natural, blended with a proprietary blend of over 20 plant-based essential oils, absolutes and resins.  

Blended, aged and bottled on Vancouver Island.