Wool Dryer Balls - pack of 3

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Eco friendly dryer balls made in Canada. Time to eliminate those chemical-induced dryer sheets.
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Natura Pure Wool Dryer Balls - 3 Pack with cotton carry bag. 
  • Reduce drying time
  • Reduce static and wrinkles
  • Replace fabric softeners and dryer sheets
  • Ethically sourced and cruelty-free Canadian wool


Place all three balls in the dryer at the same time. The wool absorbs the moisture while the balls are circulating the laundry. This is what reduces your drying time by 30-50% as well as wrinkles. While the wool is absorbing the moisture, it is creating a humid environment. You can also add essential oils to get a natural scent free from chemicals and still enjoy that natural scent that people crave. Time to eliminate those chemical-induced dryer sheets.

Care Instructions:

Simply leave your dryer balls in the dryer or the package provided. We suggest you wash your dryer balls once every six months to a year. This will help them last longer.

NaturaPure is a Canadian company focused on helping people to make the change for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Founded in 2017 with Canadian-made Wool Dryer Balls and in 2019 launched their DYP (Do Your Part) zero waste collection that includes a variety of everyday essentials. Made in Canada